The RTD CMD17686GX PC/104 is legacy PC/104+ (PC/104Plus) for legacy applications with ISA bus and PCI bus.

This SBC was used during the beginning of 2000 for many industrial systems and military systems.

The CMD17686GX233-32 is compatible with features of CMC6686GX233-32  , and all interfaces are identical.

If you need this PC/104, you can buy the RTD CMD17686GX233-32 at our website.

Please contact us: sales@rocky-3702.com

Warranty: We are the only dealer that gives 6 months (180 days) warranty, as standard.

We are performing full acceptance tests for the PC/104 before shipment, so you will get tested PC/104 in 100% condition. Acceptance Test Results (ATR) is available with each PC/104.

Acceptance Test Results (ATR), Test Log Files and Pictures:
Even before Purchase Order (PO) is submitted, Pictures, Log Files and ATR can be submitted to the potential customer for each RTD CMD17686GX.

Technical Assistance
We give technical information and assistance without a cost to our customers.
You can approach use at info@rocky-3702.com with technical questions.
We have tested this PC/104 with MS-DOS and Windows NT without any problems.
It is not suitable for Windows 2000 and above.

List of RTD CMD17686GX233-32 for sale (October 2014):
  • We have 10 NEW boards fully tested and operational for sale

General Features:

Architecture: PC/AT Architecture

Dimensions: Compliant with the PC/104 standard

Processor: AMD™ Geode™ GX1 233MHz

Memory: 32MB DDR soldered

Solid State Disk: Connector for a secured Disk-On-Chip ("DOC")

BIOS Flash: 1MB 8bit +5V Flash EPROM

  • BUS: PC/104 ISA Interface
  • Serial ports:
    • 1 x RS232
    • 1 x software configurable RS232/422/485
  • Parallel port
  • AT PS/2 Keyboard input
  • PS/2 Mouse input
Power Supply:
Single +5V DC +/- 5%

We are not official dealer or distributor of RTD (Real Time Devices Inc).
We are specialized with testing and selling PC/104 boards and other similar boards.

RTD CMD17686GX front view

RTD CMD17686GX rear view

RTD CMD17686GX Boot

RTD CMD17686GX BIOS view

PC/104 AMD® 
PC/104 AMD
PC/104 ISA

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Jul 22, 2014, 10:46 AM