Portwell ROBO-608V for Sale

We have 2 Single Board Computer (SBC) type ROBO-608 fully tested and operational for sale.

Please contact us: sales@rocky-3702.com

The Portwell ROBO-608 is legacy Single Board Computer for Pentium III / Celeron (Socket 370).

This SBC was used during the late '90 for many industrial systems.

If you need this SBC, you can buy Portwell ROBO-608 at our website.
Please contact us: sales@rocky-3702.com

  • The SBCs are fully tested for operational, before receiving them in the storehouse, and before shipment to the customer.
  • All boards are shipped with ATR (Acceptance Test Results - refer to the attachment below).

Warranty: 6 months (180 days) as a standard.

  • ROBO-608 - Advanced Socket 370 PICMG SBC with PCI VGA
  • ROBO-608V - Advanced Socket 370 PICMG SBC without PCI VGA

ROBO-608 for Sale (August 2015):
  • ROBO-608  SN 00203A07384, with Pentium III CPU, Fan and memory. New, not in original box and accessories.
  • ROBO-608V  SN 000606852, with Pentium III CPU, Fan and memory. Used.

Sold (August 2015)
  • ROBO-608  SN 000705722, with Pentium III CPU, Fan and memory. New, not in original box and accessories.
  • ROBO-608  SN 00203A07380, with Pentium III CPU, Fan and memory. New, not in original box and accessories.

BIOS version:
We have 2 BIOS versions:
  • ROBO-608 BIOS R1.03
  • MSC-371 BIOS R1.03
We have the capability to change BIOS version, if other version is available.

ROBO-608 Tests:
  • Boot
  • Setting BIOS
  • Floppy
  • HDD
  • CD
  • COM1 - RS 232
  • COM2 - RS 232
  • Parallel
  • Interface with ISA bus
  • Installation of DOS and XP OS
ROBO-608 Specifications
  • Intel® Pentium® III / processors in the FC-PGA 370 package 
  • Intel® Celeron® processors in the PPGA & FC-PGA 370 package 

System Bus Frequency 66/100 MHz 

Chipset Intel® 82440BX AGPset 

Memory - Up to 1GB PC100 SDRAM on four 168-pin DIMM sockets 
- ECC support 

L2 Cache Memory Built-in CPU 


On-Board I/O - On-board Winbond W83977ATF super I/O 
  • Support for four EIDE devices with Ultra DMA/33 
  • Up to two floppy disk drives 
  • Two serial, one parallel, one IrDA and two USB ports 
Watchdog Timer - Programmable via software from 0.5 sec. to 254.5 min. 
- Adjustable via hardware jumper setting from 0.5 sec. to 64 sec.
Keyboard/Mouse - One mini-DIN 6-pin connector for keyboard and mouse 
- One 5-pin header for external keyboard connection 

Expansion Interface PC/104 expansion connector 
ISA Bus 64mA high drivig ISA bus interface to backplane for legacy ISA slots 

Hardware Monitor System monitor (fan, temperature, voltage) 

ACPI Function ATX function with 4-pin header connect to backplane 

Power Consumption +5V@6A (typ.) ; +12V@140mA, -12V@30mA 

Approval FCC, CE class A 

Board Dimension 338.5(L) x 129(W) mm ; 13.33"(L) x 5.1"(W) 
Operating Temperature 0 to 55 ˚C

Storage Temperature -20 to 75 ˚C

Relative Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
We are not official dealer or distributor of PORTWELL.
We are specialized with testing and selling the ROBO-608 board and other similar boards.

ROBO-608 General View

ROBO-608V General View

ROBO-608 PCB part number

ROBO-608V BIOS Picture

ROBO-608 BIOS Picture 

ROBO-608V Boot

ROBO-608 Boot

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