We have for sale NEW ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 (the dual LAN version), in original box and accessories.

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The IEI SBC ROCKY-4786EVG (ROCKY-4786EV) is legacy Single Board Computer for Pentium 4 for PICMG 1.0 (ISA & PCI interfaces).

This SBC was used during the middle of 2000 for many industrial systems and military systems.

List of ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 for sale (Februar 2017):
  • We have only 1 NEW in original box (matching serial number box to SBC) with accessories.
  • The board is fully tested and working 100%.
  • Please contact us:

Sold (Februar 2017):
  • 3 x ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41, NEW 
  • 1 x ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41, NEW with CPU, 2 GB and FAN
  • 11 x ROCKY-4786EVG-R30, used with CPU, 2GB and FAN.

The SBCs are 100% tested for full operational.
The board is tested before receiving it in the storehouse, and before shipment to the customer.
The Single Board Computer ROCKY-4786EVG (and ROCKY-4786EV) is tested in Windows XP and in DOS for certain tests.

Acceptance Test Results (ATR), Test Log Files and Pictures:
Even before Purchase Order (PO) is submitted, Pictures, Log Files and ATR can be submitted to the potential customer for each ROCKY-4786.
Refer to the attached ATR below.

Configuration according to customer request
The SBC can be delivered with CPU, Memory and Cooling Fan (for additional cost), according to customer request.

Technical Assistance
We give technical information and assistance without a cost to our customers.
You can approach use at with technical questions.

Warranty: 6 months (180 days) as standard.

  • Intel P4 / Prescott / Celeron CPU supports up to Intel Extreme Graphic II integrated graphic engine
  • Dual channel DDR400 SDRAM memory support
  • LAN, SATA, USB 2.0, Audio integrated
  • Optional RAID function available
CPU Socket
· Socket-478
CPU Type
· Intel Pentium 4/ Prescott/ Celeron
· 533/800 MHz
· Integrated with Intel 865G/GV, Bus:AGP 4X/8X
· 1st 10/100Mbps i82562ET Fast Ethernet controller (ROCKY-4786EV)
· 2nd 82547 GbE controller (ROCKY-4786EVG/EVGR/EVGL)
I/O Interface
· 2 x RS-232 serial ports
· 1 x PS/2 for Keyboard/Mouse
· 8 x USB 2.0 ports
· 1 x IrDA
Driver Interface
· 2 x IDE ATA-100/66/33
· 2 x SATA-150 , RAID Function (EVGR)
· 1 x FDD
· AC'97 Codec
· CF Type II
Power Consumption
· +12V@7.52A, +5V@6.98A, -12V@0.5A (P4 3.0GHz, Dual channel ·DDR400 512MB SDRAM)
Watchdog Timer
· Software programmable supports 1 ~ 255 seconds system reset
Hardware Monitor
· CPU Vcore, Vcc, CPU/System fan speed and temperature detecting function
Operation Environment
· Temperation Range 0 ~ 60ºC
· Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
· 1.1kg
IEI ROCKY-4786EVG for sale


ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 back side

ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 label

ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 Bracket

ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 Boot logo

ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 Open Original Box - New

ROCKY-4786EVG-RS-R41 some original boxes - New

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