FIELDWORKS FW7500 Computer for Sale

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We have for sale the legacy ruggedized portable computer:
FILEDWORKS FW7500 (the FW7000 series), refurbished, tested and working (except for the CD) (February 2013)

If you are looking for the FIELDWORKS FW7633P, please refer to this page.

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The Fieldworks FW7500 - General View

The computer is fully tested, and delivered with test report.

The Fieldworks FW7500 version specifications:
  • CPU: IBM BL 486 , 25MHz
  • Memory: 8 MB, upgraded to 12 MB
  • 2 RS-232 port (both working)
  • 1 Parallel port (working)
  • 1 Floppy disk (working)
  • 1 HDD - 260MB, IDE, 2.5" (working)
  • 1 PCMCIA interface (not checked)
  • 1 external PS/2 Mouse connection (working)
  • 1 external PS/2 Keyboard connection (working)
  • 1 External VGA connection (working)
  • Integrated display 9.4 inch, backlit colour VGA LCD (480 x 640) (working)
  • Integrated power supply (90- 264 VAC, 47- 400 Hz) (working)
  • In the card cage: 6 ISA slots (not checked)
  • Internal battery type TL5242W for RTC (Real Time Clock), replaced by CR2032 battery
  • BATTERY PACK BAT 4200- Not Available

Fieldworks FW7500 - Right View

Fieldworks FW7500 - Label

Fieldworks FW7500 - open cage - 6 ISA slots

Fieldworks FW7500 - Left View

Fieldworks FW7500 Hard disk - AREAL A260

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