Analog Devices HOS-060SH for Sale

We are not official dealer or distributor of Analog Devices INC (or ADI).

We have surplus Tested Original Analog Devices Video Operational Amplifier type:
HOS-060SH and HOS-060SH/883

Quantity (all components were tested - February 2014):
  • HOS-060SH: 3 components, date code: 0328 (manufacturing year 2003)
  • HOS-060SH/883: 2 components, date code: 0342 (manufacturing year 2003).
If additional quantity is required, we can deliver from our vendors.

One component HOS-060SH/883 was decap (opened) for interior view and verification.
Refer to the pictures below.

Opened component HOS-060SH/883 (date code 0342):

Open Component Vs picture (poor) for Analog Devices HOS-060SH datasheet

Analog Devices HOS-060SH/883

Analog Devices HOS-060SH

HOS-060 for sale
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HOS-060SH for sale
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HOS-060SH/883 for sale
buy HOS-060SH/883

ADI HOS-060 for sale
buy ADI HOS-060
ADI HOS-060SH for sale
buy ADI HOSSH-060
ADI HOS-060SH/883 for sale
buy ADI HOS-060SH/883

Analog Devices HOS-060 for sale
buy Analog Devices HOS-060
Analog Devices HOS-060SH for sale
buy Analog Devices HOSSH-060
Analog Devices HOS-060SH/883 for sale
buy Analog Devices HOS-060SH/883
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Dec 8, 2013, 2:26 AM
Dan Gilboa,
Dec 8, 2013, 2:38 AM