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We are specialized with testing and selling the ROCKY-3702 / ROCKY-4786 / SAGP-865 / SAGP-8650 / ROCKY-3701 / ROCKY-3705 boards and other similar boards.

The Single Board Computer (SBC) Rocky-3702EV-R4 (and Rocky-3702EV-R4V8) is legacy SBC from IEI for Pentium III (Pentium-3)  and Celeron (socket-370) CPUs.
This SBC was used during the beginning of 2000 for many industrial systems and military systems.

Please refer to the Sale page for updated SBC lists.

Warranty: We are the only dealer that gives 6 months (180 days) warranty, as standard.

We are performing full acceptance tests for the SBC before shipment, so you will get tested SBC in 100% condition. Acceptance Test Results (ATR) is available with each SBC.

Acceptance Test Results (ATR), Test Log Files and Pictures:
Even before Purchase Order (PO) is submitted, Pictures, Log Files and ATR can be submitted to the potential customer for each ROCKY-3702.

Configuration according to customer request.
The SBC can be delivered with CPU, Memory and Cooling Fan (for additional cost), according to customer request.

Technical Assistance
We give technical information and assistance without a cost to our customers.
You can approach us at info@rocky-3702.com with technical questions.

We have sold over the years more than 50 Fully Tested ROCKY-3702 SBCs.

We have several SBC Rocky-3702EV-R4 and Rocky-3702EV-R4V8 available, refer to the sale page.
If you require more SBCs, please contact us and we will try to get more.

If you need this SBC, you can buy ROCKY-3702EV-R4 (or ROCKY-3702EV-R4V8) at our website.
Please contact us: sales@rocky-3702.com

Short description:
ROCKY-3702EV - PICMG Bus Socket-370 Base CPU Card With 10/100Mbps Ethernet & VGA

CPU : Socket 370 base support Celeron“/Pentium III (Pentium 3), ... up to 100MHz FSB

System Chipset : Intel 440BX

System Memory: 4 x 168-pin DIMM sockets up to 1GB SDRAM

Display: S3 Trio3D
Bus : AGP 2x
Resolution :1600 x 1200 (64k colors)
Connector : DB-15 for CRT display

Ethernet : Realtek RTL8139 10/100Mbps Ethernet chip, .with RJ-45 connector

SSD : One DiskOnChip“ socket

2 x RS-232 serial port (16C550 UARTs compatible)
1 x parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP)
2 x USB 1.1 (Pin header)
1 x IrDA (SIR)
1 x FDD port, support 1.44MB, 2.88MB, 3-mode unction
2 x ATA-66 IDE channels

WDT : software programmable, support 1~ 255 sec. system . reset
LM78 hardware monitoring chip on board

ISA Plus: .Designed to enhance the ISA bus drive capability

E2Key“ : A non-volatile 1Kbit EEPROM is provided to .retain application critical read/write data

Supports ATX power control function

Power Consumption :
+5V@6.8A, +12V@170mA, -12V @60mA
(Celeron“ 333MHz CPU and 512MB SDRAM)

Operating Temperature : 0~60C (CPU cooler required)

Relative Humidity : 5~95%, non-condensing

GW : 900g

ROCKY-3702EV-R4 Ruggedized



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Rocky-3702EV-R4, Rocky 3702EV R4
Rocky-3702EV, Rocky 3702EV
Rocky-3702V-R4, Rocky 3702V R4
Rocky-3702V, Rocky 3702V
Rocky-3702EV-R4.1, Rocky 3702EV R4.1
Rocky-3702EV-R4.1V8, Rocky 3702EV R4.1V8

ROCKY-3702EV-R4 full 12 months warranty
ROCKY-3702EVR4 full 12 months warranty
ROCKY-3702EV-R4 fully tested
ROCKY-3702EVR4 fully tested

Rocky3702EV-R4, Rocky3702EV-R4V84
Rocky3702EV, Rocky 3702EV
Rocky3702V-R4, Rocky 3702V R4
Rocky3702V, Rocky 3702V
Rocky3702EV-R4.1, Rocky 3702EV R4.1
Rocky3702EV-R4.1V8, Rocky 3702EV R4.1V8

ROCKY3702EV-R4 full 12 months warranty
ROCKY3702EVR4 full 12 months warranty
ROCKY3702EV-R4 fully tested
ROCKY3702EVR4 fully tested